E-Readers: And The Winner Is...

First it was the Kindle, then the Nook, and the Sony, all competing for my attention. Decisions, decisions, decisions! It was a tie between the Kindle and the Nook. Due to size and functionality, the Sony was almost never in the competition. So, bearing in mind what my purpose is for wanting one of these devices, I decided to wait awhile before deciding which one to purchase. After all, technology keeps getting updated right?

Here I am, patiently waiting for the moment when I'd finally make up my mind (remember that the decision to buy one has been made, the question was which one to buy), then rumors of an Apple iPad begin to swirl and on it went until it was no longer a rumor. The competition began anew and I found myself carefully reviewing each device all over again. I narrowed it down to the Kindle and the iPad (my preference - nothing to do with product performance or any such thing.)

Now that I've got two left to pick from, I was happy to wait and see what upgrades will be made between them and what do you know? Kindle decides to build an app for iPad which already has a book-shelf app in it. I didn't know that until this morning when I watched @TheOprahShow and saw her talking about it with her guest.

For someone that doesn't have the kindle yet, I asked myself, isn't it better to just get the iPad? The answer is YES and that brings this competition to a head. We now have a winner - Apple iPad!!!

Thank you to all the other devices for participating in this mundane competition. Good game all!


  1. I would have gone with the Kindle. The major problem with the iPad for me, when reading books is the back light. It kills your eyes. Kindle's use of the magnetic ink make reading a book a dream. However, I am pretty excited with the iPad for its awesome viewing of magazines and articles. Just my two cents.

  2. Thank you Cece for the info about the back light. May be I'll get a dark screen to reduce the glare if it becomes a problem.


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