Blackberry Playbook vs iPad: Let The Game Begin, Again!

Before we set down the rules for this game, I'd like to commend Blackberry for their endeavor in keeping me from moving on to Apple, yet. With Blackberry's announcement of the Playbook, the game begins again.

I have been patient and my patience, it appears, is beginning to pay off! The game started with the iPad knocking out E-Readers in what I believe was a fair game. It's a gadgets world after all.

I visited WIRED news website to read the comparison between the two tablets and must agree with the reviewer that the playbook measures up. Having reviewed the Playbook's functionality and re-reviewed that of the iPad, we need a tie-breaker for a new winner.

Blackberry Playbook

Apple Ipad

So, what will determine the tie-breaker? Availability! And by that I mean, widely distributed through different phone service providers. I would like to make the decision of which provider to purchase my devices from rather than having it made for me by the manufacturer. Not fair? Well, Apple has until the launch date of the Playbook (sometime in 2011) and remember, Blackberry is also guilty of selling certain devices through one phone service provider (Torch?)

So, let the game begin!!! Good luck to all!


  1. I think any tablet wins who has flash support, how can you navigate web pages without flash? just silly i think!

  2. I am still learning about flash but you're right, to easily navigate & view web pages is of the utmost importance.


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