Ode to a Grandma, Unlike Any!

I remember your voice, belting out melodies like an organ
Even the nightingale, your sweet voice has not
I remember your eyes, very expressive, as they light up when you sing
I remember the swift, yet gentle movements of your hands as your voice
Rises to reach the crescendo of the piece you are singing
I remember the joy that fills your heart, because in that very moment
A light glows around you. I only now understand what it means
I remember how with a big smile on your face, you end the song
I remember the sigh of satisfaction that escapes your lips when the song is over
I remember how the tune carries you, and makes you sing the refrain over, and over, and over again
I only now understand that when the spirit of God is present, and in your song, it goes on and on
I remember how, with a slight movement of the upper body, you burst into another tune
As if the new one was a continuation of the previous
I remember, and still marvel, at how you are able to sing, piece after piece
Not missing a beat, even at your young advanced age
As I remember on this day Ma, I know you are still singing
Making melody in heaven, along side the angels
Isn’t that what you strove for on this earth!
Pastor Erwin Lutzer, you know who he is, confirmed it today when he said
“Those who sing praises fill their hearts with faith, lift up others in faith to God, and go on ahead of others to the throne of mercy.”
Pastor Gerald Edmonds said to say “thank you” to the mothers who made us practice and sing as children, even when we hated it
I thanked you Ma, and I am sure you heard it
I visualize the echo of joyous sounds, as the angels cheer you for a job well-done
Once again, THANK YOU for making me go to rehearsals, even when all I wanted to do was stay home and play