Premiere Post! A Dedication to my #1 Hero.

I am dedicating my first post to my number one hero: my grandma! Since today is one filled with loving and sweet memories of her, it is only right that I start with a little reflection of who she was and how much she meant to me and my family.

To the Loving Memory of a Peaceful and Fair “Rose”

It is four years today that my grandma transitioned into heaven. I wondered why I felt a little weepy close to midnight last night, and then realized it was the eve of the anniversary of her transition. I am sure she is resting easy now knowing that it doesn’t hurt so much when we remember that she is no longer here on earth. No, I don’t hurt deeply anymore; instead I am filled with sweet memories of the times we shared. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to have known her and the chance to have seen her happiest moments.

My grandma was always cheerful, constantly singing, even through her worries and turbulent times. Speaking of the latter, she had many of those after my grandpa died. That is a story for a different time and place, but in retrospect, she loved unconditionally, giving love and material things to those that’d rather have seen her gone. Boy, did God prove Himself strong to them! As it is written in the bible, “they that trust in the Lord are like mount Zion that can never be removed…” God proved that her life was in His hands and He would call her home when He(God) was ready. Halleluyah!!! So, on this very day in 2005, God called His daughter home, no stress, no fuss, and at the very time she completed her work on this earth. I am sure my grandma sang her way straight to the throne of God.

It can never be said enough, my grandma loved peace and quiet, in her environment, her space, but most importantly, peace among mankind. She never crossed a courtyard or entered a homestead without calling out; “k’udo di n’ebe a O!” (Peace be unto this house.) She diligently pursued peace on behalf of those who needed it, sometimes even in the most impossible situations. I remember asking her once, “why bother grandma? It is obvious that one party in this group does not desire peace.” Her answer, “then I wouldn’t have done that which I am meant to do.” When it turned out that this particular case was a lost cause, she did not give up, instead she kept them in her prayers knowing that the story will not end well. Sad to say that it didn’t.

My grandpa called her Rose, and I have had a beautiful yellow rose as her emblem. Today, I added the sign of universal peace to that, and titled it, “A Peaceful and Fair Rose.” That is very befitting of my grandma’s fair skin, the name her husband gave her, and the work that was fore-front in her life among several other things. Looking back, I realize that I am more tolerant of others and can deal with any kind of personality type due to the fact that I saw my grandma do it for a major part of my early years. Her popular saying comes to mind, “I maghi onwe gi, or, o maghi onwe ya.” What does it mean? Simply that the person acting out or making trouble is not acting of his or her own volition, but something within driving the actions and taking over the personality of the being. 

Such was her view on people and second chances. No one is a lost cause, no relationship is irreparable, there is no problem that can’t be solved, there is always a better tomorrow, Believe in God, Trust in God and do the right, and my favorite; o bughi n’ike m nwam (it is not by my strength, my child.)

So, as I remember on this day ma, I am thankful to God for all the times we shared and all the songs you taught me that I sometimes couldn’t remember all the words. It’s no surprise to you though, remember how you had to stop me and guide me through the tunes and lines all over? How did you do it? I mean remember all those songs from your youth, and I could have sworn the Sanky was written on your heart. Amazing! I miss the sing along moments, and it is even harder now knowing that uncle Nnanna will not be there either to lend his baritone. Oh, Well! I will take solace in the fact that you are both holding the fort in heaven, awaiting the day we will all be together. I am looking forward to it because if it was so joyful here on earth, I can only imagine how immeasurable the joy in heaven will be.

Thank you ma for being such a wonderful and amazing mum, grandma, great-grandma, sister, aunt, and friend to all those who had the privilege of meeting you. For the many lives you touched, healed, and directed to God, Thank you. For the hungry mouths you fed, even when it was not convenient for you, Thank you. For the love you gave, expecting nothing in return, Thank you. We are all blessed because of you, and the inexhaustible prayers you showered on us.

Sing on Ma, Sing on!