Love or hate them, Chicago Bears is my team!

Say what you may about the Chicago Bears, most of which I guarantee are true considering this season's performance check list, there's no denying that the talent is there and that the team could do better. I have always said, and believe that no team is unbeatable. The question is which team is willing to do what it takes to bring down the "giants." (I still maintain that no one team holds that title and if you doubt me, ask the New York Giants).

In one of the two remaining games for the Bears this season played in Chicago last night, this time against the Minnesota Vikings, the Chicago Bears came out with all the tricks of the trade and shut down the "giants" in a 30 - 36 win in overtime. This performance not only proves that even Favre and team are prone to defeats, it also goes to show that the Chicago Bears team is not a lost cause in the NFL. Additionally, it sheds light on what this team can do in the next season after suffering embarrassments and the wrath of their fans, who by the way, do not quit.

With a packed stadium, filled bars, and screams of joy bursting through the walls of peoples homes, the Bears played what wound up to be their most exciting and near perfect game of the season, to the amazement of the nay sayers who've been propounding a complete shut-out by the Vikings.

Too little too late for NFL season 2009 and that is okay. As the Chicago Bears play their final game on Sunday, I am certain that even if that game results in a loss, it would not dampen the hope and confidence in this team that was rebuilt last night with Cutler and group going all out to show what they are capable of on a football field.

Until next season, in 2010, the Bears and all of their Chicago fans will arise as one City and one Team to fight the battle for NFC!

If you missed the game, here are the highlights.