I have watched this movie 3 times and don't think I will get tired of watching it soon. C.R.A.Z.Y is a movie about a child (Zachary) born on Christmas day, and his struggles to be accepted by his father. In his journey to walk away from who he really is, Zachary found and came to complete acceptance of who he was born to be.

The movie is well crafted so much that I found myself embarking on the journey with Zac. When he waded his way through the blizzard, praying he'll be healed if he made it home, I found myself believing that he was healed because he made it home through the storm. Was he really healed? Zac's struggles & journeys were not made any easier with a father who refused to accept that his son was gay, and siblings who made fun of him every chance they got.

Another moving, and probably the most interesting and eye-opening part of this movie was the inability of Zac's father (Gervais) to see that Zac was not the only child in the family that had a "problem." Gerard was not aware that Raymond was knee deep in drugs and needed help more than anyone else in his family.

C.R.A.Z.Y raises the questions: How do you love your kids? Enough to accept them for who they are and are meant to be? Accepting of their dreams for themselves parallel to your dreams of who or what you want them to be?

Though this movie is in French, these are universal questions that parents should answer clearly for themselves and find ways to love their children, unconditionally without suffocating them.

Enjoy part one of the movie below. The entire movie can be found on Youtube.