Looking Beyond The Ordinary

When I have a lot going on at work or when it's slow and I need a little inspiration to keep me going, I sign on to Pandora internet radio for my Enigma station. Pandora mixes it up so well that I not only get Enigma, but every related artist in this genre which is very cool. When I listen to a song I'd like to play over and over at home, I sign on to blip.fm where I blip it and the song stays on my music list.

So, on one of those slow days at work where nothing's happening, I logged on to pandora for my favorite music that gets me through the day. After a few minutes, the office became busy and then came this next song that I had to listen to again. So, I quickly turned to blip.fm and blipped it. I went back to blip to review the music video after I was done and well, a minute and half into it came the "Oooops!" moment. Why? Because I was at work, and off the bat anyone will judge the video by what's on screen. I also thought of what my supervisor would have said had she seen it. So, I deleted it without seeing it in it's entirety.

As a lover of art in any form, I knew that I had judged the video unfairly though I kept going back to the excuse that it was inappropriate for a work environment. I promised myself to look at it again and judge it accordingly. When I did, I found that like all Enigma songs, the video was beyond ordinary sexual fulfillment. Even as I watched the video, the music spoke to me differently which caused me to play it again as I opened another page while the music blared out of my speakers.

I felt hunger for success, Faith in God, genuine relationships, and closeness to something very unique and extraordinary. Words reverberated in my brain and I started writing immediately. So, this is the lesson I learned for myself that day - avoid music videos at work and take notes to play them at home later.

With that said, here's "Touchness" - Enigma. I hope you do not judge it like I did and let it fill your senses to surge the creativity in you. Enjoy!