"Life" on Discovery Channel: My take

I saw the second installment of "Life" tonight on Discovery Channel and have become quite taken by it. It is an 11 part documentary on various species of creatures that inhabit this planet and narrated by Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

It is quite intriguing to see the similarities between the social behaviors of these creatures and those of humans who by the way, are considered the most intelligent of all species. That may be true but, the complexity of intelligence exhibited by these creatures had me in equally complex emotions.

"Life" is fascinating, leaving me in awe of the grace, strength, tenacity, and bravery exhibited by some of the creatures. One minute I am rooting for an animal to escape (the baby Ibex), the next minute I have the creeps (the Snakes & the Bats), then I find myself laughing (the baby Meerkats), and another minute I am cheering for creatures with exquisite courtship dancing exhibition in preparation for mating (the Grebes & the Sea Dragons.)

There is an old African adage that I heard when I was a child and the gist of it is that when morning comes, you’d better hit the ground running. What does it mean? Exactly what the documentary is about. You’re either the predator or the prey in the jungle of life and everyone runs as fast as they can to avoid being eaten, or to get food to survive. I’d conclude by saying “Life” gave me a visual for the adage and made it clearer.

Additionally, when someone next to me exhales or sighs and utters the word “life,“ I usually respond with “or what you make of it.“ Like all the creatures in the documentary, humans have the ability to adapt to different circumstances and changes within their immediate environment. We wake up everyday and we hit the ground running the race of “Life.“ Good luck and God speed to all.

There are seven more episodes left and I will be watching all of them. I am not only watching, I am also saving the episodes on my digital recorder. I also love the fact that it is shown in 2 hour segments.

New episodes of "Life" air on Discovery channel Sundays at 7:00p.m central standard time, 8:00p.m eastern standard time. It is also out on dvd in stores or online at http://dsc.discovery.com/