"LIFE" on Discovery Channel - Birds

Do you love birds? I do, very much. I love birds, not only because they soar above us as if they're watching over us, but also because they sing, and exhibit such beauty and grace as they flap their wings in the sky or even when they glide. I also love to hear birds chirp in the morning (one of the things I miss about home), waking me up with their sonnets. If I were to become an animal, I'd choose to be a bird.

The first of tonight's episodes of "Life" featured birds. I learned that birds are creative and inventive creatures, doing whatever is necessary to feed and reproduce. There were large birds (vultures and pelicans), small and colorful birds (humming birds and birds of paradise), birds that don't fly ( penguins), and there were some that were not so good looking (vogelkop bowerbird). Don't count the later out yet because they turned out to be the birds with the most exciting and intriguing characteristics of all.

What the male vogelkorp bowerbird lacks in beauty and size, it makes up for in talent and skills. It is the most inventive of all birds with superior interior design techniques that would put some men, and some women, to shame.

By carefully crafting its nest or according to the documentary, its love nest with colorful flower petals which are strategically placed, and shiny bugs, the male vogelkorp bowerbird creates a nest no female of its specie can ignore. Different strokes for different folks they say. As skilled and talented as all the male vogelkorp bowerbirds are, some need a little more education in what pleases the females and that deer dung and fungi doesn't cut it.

Worth mentioning is the fact that it takes minutes to complete the mating process after weeks of hardwork to create the magnificent love nest. I guess it's all worth it in the end for the male and from what I've seen from past episodes of "Life", I can safely say that most females of different mammalian species are really difficult to impress.

In addition, the second episode of tonight's installment featured creatures deep under the ocean (marine invertebrates like red star fish, sea urchins, & nemertine worms). What is remarkable about these invertebrates is their ability to adapt in places within the vast ocean where other oceanic creatures cannot. I especially loved the formation of coral reefs. Guess I'm a true aquatic after all!

Until next Sunday when new episodes of "Life" will air on the discovery channel, you can check out the documentary on http://dsc.discovery.com/

Have a great week!