"Life" On Discovery - Plants and Primates

The Life series ended last night with a three hour finale. I think it is fitting that it ended with Plants and Primates, laying emphasis on the relationship between plants and animals.

Plants were the first of Sunday's episodes. As it turns out, plants can survive and thrive in various temperatures and conditions. Like mammals, plants have deviced skills and abilities that allow them to feed,reproduce, and minimize total destruction. There were creepy plants (Passion Flower and Alsomitra Vine), plants that survive in very dry surfaces (Dragon's Blood Tree and Candelabra Flowers), and some predator plants (Sundew and Venus Flytrap.)

It was quite interesting to see the growth process of these plants but, the most striking to me was the predatory habits of the Sundew and the Venus Flytrap. These two plants embody that saying, "if Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, then mountain will go to Mohammed." These plants have tentacles filled with nectar that attract flies which become entrapped in their leaves and provide nitrogen nourishment for the plants.

I would also say that it was fascinating to see that the birds and insects that fed from the plants were put to work, and made to carry pollen from plant to plant.

The second episode was about Primates. There were small primates (Hamadryas Baboon and The Snow Monkey) and large ones (Gorilla and Chimpanzee.) There were even smaller primates that only came out at night to hunt for food (The Spectral Tarsier and Lemurs.) The remarkable thing about primates is their social and cultural behaviors that are akin to man.

The third and final episode was a behind the scenes of how "Life" was documented. It was a well documented and beautifully narrated series. I found it to be very fascinating and for someone that wouldn't touch even a dead animal, I trully enjoyed "Life" and would miss it.

If you missed the series, don't worry. You can pre-order the Blu-ray disc and dvd set at the Discovery Store. There is also a re-run on Thursday April 22, from 6:00p.m to 2:00a.m CST on Discovery Channel.