Blackberry Anxiety a.k.a Crackberry Withdrawal

I don't drive all the time and since I stopped texting in the car whenever I do get to drive, I never really knew what it felt like to have a blackberry anxiety (guess this is why the term "crackberry" was coined a long time ago.) I also rarely leave my phone behind anywhere. If I have given you that as an excuse, it just means I was pissed and didn't want to talk you at that time (passive made good.)

 When I woke up this morning, my phone was completely drained of power and needed to be charged. I also realized that I didn't have enough time to get at least 2 bars on the power grid no thanks to twitter app for BB, in order to take it with me as I drove my cousin to school (she'd have had a fit too because she is a stickler for being early to school.)  So, I took a deep breath and walked out the door without a phone.

 Then the anxiety slowly crept in (did someone really say "crackberry?"). I kept thinking that I should have a phone in case my older cousin who didn't need to be at school so early called to request something - no, the anxiety wasn't because I'll need to text, bbms, chat, tweet, facebook message, read emails, or send emails. It was just that feeling that I am leaving one child at home and she wouldn't reach me if she needed to do so. I debated with myself on whether I should take my cousin's phone and have her call me from the house phone if she had to, then gave that up. Taking another deep breath, I pulled out of the garage pushing the thought out of my mind. I came back and still did not feel the need to go to my phone. Then it hit me!

During the airing of the No Phone Zone on The Oprah Show, I heard some mothers say that they text and drive. Now I understand that while some do it because it's one of the few chances they get to socialize in between their heavily packed daily to-do list, some probably do it because of the reason I gave myself for having a phone with me. In this instance, I also mean talking on the phone while driving. Genuine reasons except, the act of texting and driving is dangerous. Follow the Oprah show link above to see what I mean.

May be there was a reason for all that and I am grateful that I didn't dwell on it. I am really proud of myself for not giving in to the urge to carry a phone with me this morning. There is a great need to get rid of the "crackberry" disease that is plaguing us and this time I am talking about all smart phones. If I did it, so can you. Two deep breaths are all you need and then, sign the pledge. You know, that gadget on the left that's staring at you while you're reading this?