Blackhawks vs Flyers in Stanley Cup Finals: Game 6

As the Chicago Blackhawks are preparing for tonight's game, I can only imagine what's going through their minds. It has been a great finals show-down between Hawks and Philadelphia Flyers and I commend the Flyers for putting up a good fight so far.

However, it is Chicago Blackhawks and ever since I started watching hockey games, I've grown to love how this team take every defeat in stride and bounce back with such determination that leaves their opponents confused. Game 5 was one proof of that fact.

After loosing 2 consecutive games to the flyers in Philadelphia, the Chicago Blackhawks returned in game 5 as if it was the last game in the series with a 7-4 win over the Flyers. May be it was the last game considering that a win tonight by the Hawks will mean bringing home the Stanley Cup. I pray they do.

If you missed Blackhawks' Game 5 against flyers, here it is:

So, good luck tonight Blackhawks! I'll be watching and cheering, laughing at any comic plays, and screaming at the opponents tonight on your behalf. You boys have been great and in my not so humble opinion, the most skilled and classiest team in the NHL.

Go Blackhawks! One Goal!!!