To Nigerian Super Eagles: From Me, With Love

Here's the deal my beloved SUPER EAGLES, I am sick and tired...I'll let little Joshua finish the rest of this speech for me.

In every world stage, there are teams that are there to assist the rest in the quest for the cup and that is not you. Every team and player makes mistakes and I hope you learnt from the first game in this competition. I learnt from following my dream team - The Nigerian Eagles group of all levels - that no team is unbeatable. Now's the time to prove it again.

Remember when you used to play for the love of the game? Remember the passion that used to drive your skills? Remember that this is not just about you and for you? It is time to wake up! It is time to play Nigerian Football. It is time to reclaim your place in the World Football Stage. It is time!

Now, go out there and play with oneness and a sense of purpose! Just DO IT!!!