Moody People: a.k.a Debbie Downers

I won't get down hard on you if you belong in this category because that would only make it worse. Do me a BIG favor. Look around you, REALLY look around you and you'll find at least one reason to be grateful and smile. Yes, it's that simple, SMILE. Happiness begins with a smile. Smile at complete strangers, and smile at everyone around you. Instead of a sigh, LAUGH. Try it, will you? See? It doesn't hurt now, does it?

Here's something about being a "Debbie Downer." You not only make yourself miserable but, your mood affects those around you and sooner or later, they stop caring. You know why? The truth is that everyone wants to be happy including you, my dear. No one wants to be down in the dumps all the time, therefore, no one wants to be close to someone who is always down.

Sure "shit" happens every now and then. Learn to grieve it when it does or when the sadness hits you, depending on the degree of "shit" that happens. After that and I insist, a brief period of grieving, move on to the SMILE zone. Smile, even if you don't feel like it because it opens the door for others to bring their energy to you.

So sweetheart, shed the "Debbie Downer" apparel because it goes out of style really quickly!