Complaining Out Loud? Please Don't! - Here's Why

What do you do when you wake up one day to the sudden death of a parent? No known sickness on record and no indication that death may be around the corner. How do you then reconcile the death of the remaining parent at the time you're preparing for the wake of the other parent? Confusion!

"Confusion" is the only word reverberating in my brain as I try to make sense of the news I heard this morning. What was I thinking when I tweeted that I be excused from wearing white colored outfit to the wake today? What was I complaining about again?! How wearing white would take away from my normal comfort dressing on Fridays?! How *STUPID!!!* I am very sorry and ashamed of myself for being so insensitive when I've had to go through the same sorrow (though not in the same capacity) not too long ago.

My heart is breaking not just for my insensitivity, but for the family whose lives have been thrown into utter confusion by the sudden departure of both parents within one month of each other. Your grief today is one I can only imagine. I pray that God will give you the fortitude to bear this loss and that God will fill you with joyful memories of your parents.

With today's occurence, here are the things I am being reminded:

1. Stop complaining about frivolous things when there are others going through much worse.

2. Never let a day go by without telling the people around you how much you love and appreciate them.

3. In the words of Tim McGraw, "remember to live like you were dying" because death does not send ETA memos.

May the souls of the departed, rest in perfect PEACE! Amen!