"Forever Young" - Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson

I heard this song for the first time on Wednesday or Thursday last week, and it has stayed with me since then. This song clearly voices the cries of all the children who have been killed due to violence in their communities. It saddens me greatly to know that these kids do not stand a chance of protecting themselves against such violence.

Lately, I haven't gone a day without hearing a story of a child getting caught in a gang related crossfire. These defenseless kids have no voices of their own, at least not the ones that are dead. However, we can speak for them as responsible adults and citizens of this planet. Parents, talk to your teenagers and please, keep your guns out of reach of your kids! Violence has never been, and NEVER will BE, the answer.

So, if you should come across this blog even accidentally, stop and take a listen or watch the video above. I hope that you will hear the voices of these kids crying from the grave, begging to be allowed to live, "Forever Young."


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