The "Gift" of Delivery

Wondering about the headline for this post? Well, trouble not thyself. Here's what it means: it's not just about the gift you give, it's also about the delivery of that gift. "Delivery" itself is not about the platform you use, no, by delivery I mean the grace and joy that emanates from the giver of the gift during the process. When grace and joy are present in the process, both the giver and the recepient share the same level of satisfaction from it. Anyone on the sidelines watching also feels it, which is why you see laughter and tears on the faces of on-lookers.

Like Art, the ability to have this profound effect on people during the delivery process is a "gift" that few people possess. For some, it's a learned process (you have to get ready and shift your mind-set to the delivery moment), while for others, it comes naturally (no scheduling necessary - it is done automatically and can be done at anytime or day).

I saw the "natural" delivery yesterday when I watched the Oprah Show. If you didn't watch it, then you missed something quite extraordinary! It literally blew my mind. So, I guess the question is, to which category do you belong? Is it a learned process or does it come naturally? Or, do you fall into the group that don't care as long as it's done and over with? I'll leave that answer up to you and hope that it's a good one. However, if it isn't, the good news is that you can do something about it.

This is Oprah's farewell season as they call it but, I decided to call it Oprah's transitional season. Why? Well, the end of the show does not mean Oprah's going away forever and "farewell" has a sort of finality to it that doesn't quite sit well with me (that's my take).

Think I'm in denial? Check this out! OWN - The Oprah Winfrey Network. So, as one of the millions of viewers sad to see the end of the show, I am glad that I can still watch Miss O do what she does best. For now, the new season is here and I couldn't be happier!