Review: Blackhawks Season Opener

Blackhawks kicked off their NHL season opener last night in Colorado against the Avalanche. It was an intense game, fast, and sometimes chaotic. Brian Bickell scored the first goal for Blackhawks within the first four minutes of the game, putting Hawks up one to nothing.

However, it all went down hill as Colorado came back to tie the game and go up by 2 goals. The Blackhawks rallied back to tie the game at 3 all which led to overtime, and ended with Colorado scoring the sudden death goal that gave them the victory.

Notable in this game is the fact that the Blackhawks did not give up the victory that easily. I love the fact that it was driven to overtime and don't be surprised when I say this, I also love the fact that the Avalanche defended their turf for their home opener.

I would also commend my Blackhawks for staying classy above all else and not committing numerous penalties in the game (Avalanche had many of those.) And, if you were like me who panicked when most of the "Stanley Cup" team were cut for new ones, fear no more!

The present class possess the same skills we've grown to love and are hungry to take us through another city-wide parade. I'd only add that they need to get a lot more comfortable with each other. I'll grade them at B+ for coordination.

So, the season has begun and with Marty Tuck The Puck Away Turco at the goal post, I think we're in for a fun and exciting ride this season. So, are you ready, Chicago?! I am.

One city, one team, ONE GOAL!!! Go Blackhawks!!!