Update: The Tablet Game

Ok, here's the latest on the tablet game. According to a post by Mashable, Apple will be offering the iPad through Verizon wireless starting October 28th. So, the game is definitely on and I await patiently to see the move Blackberry will make. Liking this game to a game of chess, Apple has made the first move, it's Blackberry's turn to reciprocate to stay in the game.

Bearing in mind that this is only just beginning, my advise to each player is "expansion." Widen the territory as best you can (not a smart move in an actual game of chess), but in this case, it will ensure each players chance of winning. Remember, you're not only playing for your companies, you're also playing for your customers or would-be customers.

I admit I am beginning to have a lot of fun with this. So, play on guys and play fair! I'll see you all at checkmate!