Chicago Bears: Looking Forward To Next Season

My BEARS lost to greenbay packers in the NFC Championship games today. I am not sad about it. Why should I be? Here's a team that's been the underdog since the beginning of the season but somehow, some way, managed to make it this far. So, good job on coming as far as you did and I hope like me, you are looking forward to a much better season for 2011/12.

Having said that and I promise it came from the heart, here's my take on what should happen for the coming season:

Players, you are all paid to be *NFL* players and I know some have got more skills than others. Considering that this is sports and plays are designed most of the time, skills can be learned or acquired too! Second seed, third seed, it doesn't matter. You're always at practice, so, why don't you come out prepared to fill in and be consistent? Why not come out to play and show that you too can be *FIRST* seed? Why play at the level you've been assigned when you know you can do so much better? Wouldn't you want your name to be inscribed in history's holy grail as the player who stepped up and saved your team when needed?

These questions I ask so that you all can go home and ponder on them seriously during the off season. It is team work and I (and most of your fans, I believe) expect this level of commitment from every member of the Bears team. If you notice above, your opponent's name is in small caps and that is proof of how much I believe in you. You can BE better than your opponents.

Jay Cutler, you need to improve your game. Match your strong arms and quick feet with clearer vision. Caleb Hanie, thank you for showing up when you did and I'm sure the coaches are thinking they should've had you in the game after the first quarter. If you'd shown up earlier and made them believe, they'd have called on you to replace the *first seed.* Todd Collins, you need to make up your mind on whether you want to continue in NFL or retire. If you decide on coming back, you need to be ever prepared to go in and play whenever called. The rest of the team (here I include coaching staff too), you all know your duties. So, take this off season to re-evaluate and come back next season better than you were this season. You already proved you can do it from this season's run but, much improvement is needed.

Once again, good job on coming as far as you did and making liars out of the naysayers! See you all in 2011/12!

Once City! One Goal! Chicago BEARS!!!!