Purity in the Eyes of a Baby

There is nothing purer than the smile of a baby
Like light from a projector, a baby's smile beams so brightly
Makes you think and believe that you are actually looking into the face of God.
Then the baby laughs! Have you ever imagined what the voices of angels sound like?
Well, this is as close as one gets to hearing that pure melodious sound
That can only be compared to the heavenly chorale
Looking at a baby, you see the beginnings of endless possibilities
You see the readiness to grab on to whatever might be, and hold on tightly
You see the eagerness to learn, the insurmountable curiosity for knowledge
Knowledge of what's immediate, and knowledge of things far away
If you ever wonder what God, angels, and Jesus look like
All you have to do is look into the deep, inquiry eyes of a baby!