Letter To My Grandma

Darling Grandma,

If I were home, this would be the time I'd sit by your resting place and tell you all I have to say, and probably sing to you. I am not home and neither are you but, I know you can hear me as I write these words. I miss you so much and I see your face smiling at me while my heart skips non-stop. I am blessed because you are my grandma, blessed even more because you became my angel when you transitioned.

So today, I imagine that there's a party for you in heaven as the angels celebrate with you on your anniversary. I imagine that were it possible, the lights in heaven are shining brighter to commemorate your day. I imagine that the hosts of angels are gathered around you, and that their songs are even sweeter than any melody I can imagine. Above all, I imagine that you are very happy and that your soprano rings out the sweetest of all when you give your solo of gratitude to God.

I am joyful today because:

I heard a song once sang
By angels on high
Their voices with the spirit rang
The sweet melodies of thine

I love you grandma. Sing on!