Six Quatrains and A Quintet

Quatrain One
Chicago, my Chicago. Oh, how I love thee
From north to south, even east or west
Winds, rain, snow, and shine
Thine temperament none can predict
Quatrain Two
Under simmering heat their votes they cast
To enact change that is possible
But morning dawned with the reality
That change to some is not to be
Quatrain Three
When you look and I'm no longer there
Smile and remember when I said
I am here, I'm always here
I'm with you forever my beloved
Quatrain Four
Do you see the glint in my eyes?
Do you see the beginnings of my smile?
Do you hear the soft sounds of my laughter?
I am happy because you're here
Quatrain Five
In my sleep I heard your voice
Whispering do not be afraid
I awake knowing that I fully rest
In the tapestry of your love
Quatrain Six
Behind the shyness and the smile
Shines the soul without guile
I see it, therefore I see you
Never fear, for I know who you are
So wild, so free, and so bold
Walls rose in restraint of you
But your light they could not hide
So, fly! Fly unbridled
For so it is your nature to do
 ---Amy Akomas