Returning To The Center: A Revelation from Oprah's Lifeclass

It's been a week and 2 days since Oprah's Lifeclass began. This is not a review of the class because that would be a repetition of what you already know. At least I think you already knew how it'd turn out if you watched The Oprah Show over the years. If you didn't you can still catch it weeknights at 10/9CT on OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network. Lifeclass is also a look back on the important lessons from many of the shows over the years so, get on board NOW!

On my part I knew I was going to learn a lot of things that would enhance my life and help me live a better life. So, this is a reflection of a unique experience I had on day 2 of Lifeclass - I saw "me" outside of myself. The first day of class - The Ego, I learned that the fear of falling was my ego resisting the fall and I chose that night to let go of fear.

Then came day 2 - Letting Go of Anger. I thought to myself that I had no anger to let go of just because I consciously release any anger almost as soon as it comes. This is something I learned from my grandma and watching her live a joyful life is something I've emulated as I got older. To my surprise, I found out that "Control" was also a form of anger and I immediately decided to let go. After I made this decision, I felt a profound sense of freedom, as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

This particular night was filled with emotions and I thought the continued tug at my heart was me feeling the pain of others as they shared their stories. But, behind all the emotions was this stoic sense of being, as if separate from the me expressing them. Whether it was joy, sadness, or laughter at jokes, that "me" was always there. I would like to point out that the jokes weren't meant to be jokes but, the delivery of important points that would help us live better lives made them so.

I wondered about the separateness because every emotion was real to me but, on each occasion, I could see that "me" standing in the corner with no expression, just observing. Seeing "me" outside of myself is one I haven't experienced before and I was bothered by the stoicism exhibited by this being. I mean, "do you not care about the sufferings of others?" "Do you not want to participate and share their joys with them?" "What is wrong with you?!" Have you ever dealt with a petulant child? Yup, that would be me at that time.

Then, I calmed down and here is what I understood: The watchful "me" was there to make sure I return to the center or should I say core of my being after expressing any emotions. I also understood the center to be that place of peace, love, faith, humility, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and a sense of purpose within me. I realized that it's a part of my whole being and from the way I understood it; I am human and therefore, would express human emotions at any time. The important thing is to remember to return to the center of my being and I guess this part can be easily forgotten.

After the webcast on day 2, the refrain to Tina Turner's "I don't Wanna Fight" played in my head for at least 20 minutes and I danced to the music in my head still carrying the euphoric feeling from the class. What a powerful experience! This is scratching the edges and I may never be able to put it sufficiently into words. I am very grateful for the experience and very thankful to Oprah for it. Can't wait to find out what new things I am going to learn and possibly, new experiences. Exciting!

So, if you are not registered for Lifeclass yet, it's not too late. It is life-changing and would make you look at life differently. Check out the links above for more information and to view past webcasts. I hope you join us.