S. M. I. L. E. – Show Mankind Indisputable Love Exceptionally

Super Soul Sunday is an OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network program that airs on Sunday mornings. As the program title indicates, it’s geared towards the revitalization of the soul which is necessary after a hectic week. I love this program a lot and the title for this post is based on “Love Hate Love,” a documentary featured on today’s show about families who directed their griefs into helping others.

I would say it’s kind of ironic that I saw this show the same week I forbade myself (at least for a while) from any television programming that has to do with human suffering - a recurring theme in many that I've seen lately. Based on the decision I made, I willed myself to detach from any emotions that may arise as I watched the documentary.  I think I succeeded in doing that until James, the Ugandan kid who was abducted by the rebels and forced to undergo such horrors as I can only imagine smiled. Yes, he smiled and that blew me away. Why? The nature of that unexpected smile is best described in the title of this post – “Show Mankind Indisputable Love Exceptionally.” This kid, who was coerced into hatred of others, enough to kill them, was able to reciprocate love when it was shown to him. How amazing is that!

Love is a two way street and easy to give. It only begins with a S. M. I. L. E., that genuine smile that rises from deep within you and has the potential of brightening someone’s day.  It’s that simple and doesn’t cost anything. You can give it, you can also receive it. So, smile at yourself, and smile at everyone around you no matter who it is. Also allow yourself to receive it no matter where it comes from. When you give and receive a smile, you may have healed a wound that you may not know was there. Edmund Burke, an Irish statesman said, "No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only little."

So, show mankind indisputable love today with a smile, and do it exceptionally!