Teddie stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her own image. There were no words to describe what she was feeling. “Should she come right out and say it?” she asked herself. It’s gone on for too long and has come to the point where she could no longer ignore it. She took a deep breath, and decided that it was time. The only thing left to do was to be prepared for the fall-out.
She walked briskly to the door and opened it. She stepped into the bedroom determined and ready. It was time to bring it all to an end. She saw Kevin standing by the fireplace with a glass of champagne perched lightly on his right hand. He took a quick look at her and knew a fight was coming. He was more amused than surprised. He gawked at her and directed his attention back to his drink.
Enraged by Kevin’s offhanded treatment of her demeanor, Teddie walked toward him and stopped a few inches away from him. She struggled to maintain a level tone as she spoke. Kevin began to laugh. That boisterous laughter that once endeared him to her, all of a sudden became the last trigger that pushed her over the edge. Like someone living outside of her body, she saw herself reaching for the flower vase full of gardenias that sat on the mantelpiece which she had collected that same evening. She saw herself lifting the vase and walking towards him. He was still laughing derisively at her as if to say; “I know you do not have the guts to do it.”
Before she could stop herself, the vase and its contents exploded on Kevin’s head, shattering into a million pieces and splattering all over the floor and fireplace. He fell backwards still grinning, landed on the floor and hit his head hard on the raised flooring by the fireplace. Teddie bent over him to see if he’d get up. Kevin's eyes rolled backwards and then she saw it - the trickle of blood that seeped from under his head towards the white Persian rug. This time she didn’t care about the rug. He was still breathing.
Teddie walked to the phone and dialed 911. She spoke softly into the phone as she answered questions and gave her information. Afterwards, she called her mum..