Seven Years And Not Really Gone

Darling Grandma,

It was on this very date seven years ago, that I got the news that you'd passed on. I remember the night before that day, and the day itself. And now, seven years later, it feels as if you're still here. Trust you to show up with your words of wisdom just at the right time. Thank you! I will always remember that you are not far away from me.

It is your anniversary ma so, I have a few questions. If there were a kitchen in heaven; did you cook? If there were flour, eggs, margarine, baking soda, nutmeg, etc; did you bake? If there were flowers in the gardens of heaven; did you pick them? If you picked the flowers; did you make beautiful arrangements to adorn every corner of heaven? If there were fabrics in heaven; did you make beautiful garments for everyone?

I know one thing though, you laughed in jubilation, throwing your head backwards in complete abandonment. I know for sure that you sang, in that sweet angelic voice of yours, with your hands raised high above your head, in complete reverence to God. I also know that the angels sang with you. What a day you must have had!

Thank you for all that you taught and are still teaching me. How would I have remembered that childhood lesson last night? I hold every lesson, advice, prayer, example, counsel, etc. close to my heart and would hold them dear for the rest of my life.

I love you grandma. Sing on!