A Heart Full of Joy And Gratitude

Today, I’ve got lots on my mind. The number one thing though, is my immense gratitude to God for all that He’s done for me. I still can’t articulate this very well, so bear with me. Have you ever seen God in motion, I mean, literally moving your life in the direction that it’s supposed to go? Well, this is what has been happening to me recently and I can tell you that it has been fun to watch. It fills me with the utmost joy and gladness to watch God in action and knowing that I can trust His ways fully, because He is NEVER WRONG!
Yes, I have been the controlling type and God has let me do my thing, but all the time smiling at me as I tried to shape things the way I wanted them. Thank you Father for letting me. That was fun too. I mean, seeing how faulty my efforts were and continuing on anyway but behind all that, knowing that I have a Superior Officer who makes them right. Thank God!
I have come a long way, a very long way…however, even more joyous is the realization that I have been on the road that God wanted me to be and after all that I’ve seen Him perform, I now know fully that I can let go of the reigns and let him champion my course to where it’s headed. Looking back at all those hours and days I spent worrying and being anxious, I see now that they’ve all been for nothing when all I could’ve done would’ve been to let go, and surrender to the will of God. I have now. I trust God fully and completely and I thank Him for not leaving my side through it all. God is in the details.
There are people whom God used to bless me during this period (still using, by the way), and I would like to say Thank You to all of you. Some may know it and some may not. Here’s the thing, I’ve always, always had relationships that are beneficial to me. It’s been God’s way for me and He gave me the wisdom to recognize that very early in my life. So, even if all we do is say hello to each other once in a while, know that you have been part of God’s design for me and I am very grateful for that. I am looking forward to the day that I will show you, or you can ask me and I will tell you how.
And then there are those who’ve been pivotal from the very beginning and I am not just talking about my family. These are the people who wouldn’t let me falter for even a day. Your encouragement and support, kindness and also belief in me though some of you may have thought that I was crazy sometimes, meant a lot and are part of what kept me going. I wouldn’t post your names here because I haven’t yet told you and you know me well enough to know that I’d rather tell you directly than on the www platform. However, as you read this, I hope that it prepares you for the tearful (hehe!) moment when I do. Don’t ask me, for whatever reason, joyful moments bring tears with them so, be ready!
In conclusion, I have grown so much and I’m not talking about age but, hey!!! I've learnt or is it learned a lot, about myself, about humanity, about the universe in general, and still learning. Why stop now, I say. There’s so much that I have to do, and give, and I am ready. I hope that you will stay with me and continue to be there for me as I go on this God-directed ride. It is going to be fun!
May God continue to Bless and Keep you. May God continue to Shine His Light upon you. May all your Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, Wants, and Desires, Be fully Met. May your Lips only know Laughter. May Love and Joy fill your Hearts daily and Cause you to Soar Higher than you can imagine. And may the Peace of God, which Passes All Understanding, Be with you all, now and forever more. I love you!