Love: The Tool For Building The "Bridge of Light"

Reflection time, this episode brought to you by “Happy Feet Two” which I saw for the first time last night. Backing up a bit, I loved the first movie, which was about Mumble’s quest to be himself in a world of singing penguins. In fact, it used to be my slow down; the day is over, go-to movie alongside a cold beverage.

So as you can imagine, I was excited to finally be able to rent the second installment yesterday. It was about now grown Mumble and Gloria raising their son Erik, who believed he was different from everybody else in a world where, if one looked hard enough, everybody is connected. Each of us gifted in different ways that still tie us together and each with a purpose that's uniquely theirs, but part of what makes the universe move or rotate if you will. Then why do some of us give up?

So, my reflection today is on “Giving Up.” Giving up can be a good thing if you’re giving up old habits and methods of operation that are detrimental to not only you, but also your ability to fulfill your purpose on earth. Therefore, for this type of “Giving Up,” I will be your champion and cheer you on until it is done. But, giving up on life? Wow! I am unable to wrap my head around it, you know, the moment when one decides that "it's over."

The music artist, Pink, sang one of the soundtracks in “Happy Feet Two” titled, “Bridge of Light” which was about not “Giving Up.” As soon as I heard it, I was transported to the day that my twitter timeline exploded with tweets of one of our good followers having given up and taken his own life. I remembered some of the suicide news reports on television, some recently, and got chills all over my body. Here is the movie version of the soundtrack and it may cause you the same reaction as it did me.

I know that there are different levels of pain, sorrow, and hurt and each of us handles them differently. I also know that indeed, some people really feel like there is no one or nowhere to turn to when darkness descends. Yet, I know that when it seems there’s nothing left to do, right in front of you, or in this case within you, is that option that’s been waiting for you to latch onto it.

That option is LOVE and it resides within you. It may be a slow process but, if you can go as far back as your happiest moments when you were a child, I promise you will begin to see the light that you so badly crave. My appeal to anyone reading this post is: let love in because “only love can build us a bridge of light.” Do NOT Give Up on Yourself. Do NOT Give Up on LIFE.

I want you to know that you are dearly loved and if you doubt it, contact me. May God bless you all and strengthen you as you navigate this complex universe with its challenges. I leave you with the full version of “Bridge of Light” below and hope that it’s the light that pierces through whatever darkness you might be facing this moment.