Just Kids In A Crazy World

There's so much craziness everywhere one turns in our world today. Each of us is directly or indirectly affected by it all. Some of us can help ourselves, some of us cannot. Those that cannot help themselves are mostly children. As resilient as they are in the face of so many atrocities that they face - from adults, from juveniles, and policies from lawmakers that bring about wars and change their lives as they know it - they are unable to help themselves. They have no voice in what happens to them, their safety, and their freedom to be, JUST KIDS. 

It is everywhere, in free nations and in warring nations alike. Children are the ones who suffer most. I saw an image that inspired this blog post in an article I read on USA Today's website. The little girl in the fore-ground of the image looked confused and bewildered, reminding me that kids do not understand why these things happen to them. They do not understand why they have to flee their homes, lose their loved ones and their friends, live in camps where there is shortage of food and water, and so on. Here is a silent one-minute video collage of the images I found on the web.

What will be their story? Will it ever be told? Who out there knows they exist? Who out there can help them? These are the questions of the day. These are their questions even if they may not voice them. Remember the KIDS. Let them LIVE. Jay-Z sang about letting children live "Forever Young" which I wrote about here. What happened to the age-old saying that "kids are the future of tomorrow"? Have you ever looked, I mean really looked into the eyes of a happy child? If you haven't, here's an inspiration for you to do so immediately! 

Let us respect the divine rights of children to live. Let us take care of the KIDS of this world and allow them to grow into what they really are - tomorrow's leaders. My prayer is that someday, the symphony of their lives will be song in harmony by everyone. Peace to ALL.