Unxpected Joy In A Once Unenjoyable Task

This is a reflection on the unexpected joy I found while editing today. I sat down to write and realized that I’d lost my trail. So, I decided to go back a few pages to read and found that I needed to edit – not something I enjoy doing.
Don’t get me wrong, I do edit. It’s just something I don’t enjoy doing, at least not until I’ve written all that there is to write at the time or enough to put the last period on the piece.
Today, however, I found that I actually enjoyed it. It was all I did. I went back to the beginning to read and edit every single page, making changes as I saw fit.  I must say it was fun. Additionally, I am back on the trail and know where it’s leading from where I stopped.
Will I continue to find editing enjoyable? The Jury’s out on that but remembering that it helped me navigate the avenues on this piece, and how relaxing it was to do it, might make me joyfully dive into it from now on. I, however, do not want to continue writing now. Maybe later on tonight. So, it is my conclusion that this must be why there are those who just edit.

Something To Remember: Never edit on the day you actually want to write.