When A Song And A Voice Brightens The Day

So, I went into the Library to do a quick research and the lady who sat on the opposite side of the desk I chose had music playing on the computer. I initially thought, “Headphones? Way to get anyone not to sit here.” That corner of the Library’s computer lab is my favorite spot because I can look outside at the trees and watch the birds when I’m distracted. Therefore, I wasn’t going to walk away and it is music, isn’t it? I sat down and while I waited for my log-in process to complete, I paid attention to the music and realized that I liked it. I didn’t know the piece and the words weren’t clear enough for me to decide what the title might be.
Then she started to sing! Her voice was beautiful, sultry, and soulful. I forgot about the words to the music and started listening to her voice as she sang. I decided that she must be a singer. As she later told me, she was and I felt badly for having distracted her when I turned to the computer in front of me. She apologized for playing the music without headphones and singing out loudly in the lab (meant to be a quiet zone, see?) To paraphrase her, she “sings along with music a lot.” She added that it’s probably because she is a singer and it’s become second nature to just, sing. Then followed that awkward smile of one being caught off-guard and I smiled back at her and told her that it was okay.
The conversation didn’t go further because I had to quickly look up the information that I needed. Here’s what the lady didn’t realize: She lifted my spirit the moment she started singing. My worry circuits were already activated because my account was the same today, as it was yesterday when I last checked it. So, I was on the verge of looking up other things that I may be required to do (didn’t find any, ha!) before barging in on the counselor – that wouldn’t have been pretty. Listening to that voice (I’ll call her that because we didn’t exchange names and she left before I did), drowned out the know-it-all one in my head that had all the “inexistent” reasons why at 11:00 a.m. today, nothing had changed from yesterday. My smile went inward and lit up my being. I left the lab and went to the counselor to find out that he was working on it and it’d all be done in a couple of days.
So, today and every day, I am thankful to, and for those who can sing and make not only themselves happy, but others around them. Please do not apologize for it, even if you’re like me and couldn’t sing well enough to save your life. When you do it from your heart, it becomes beautiful, sultry, soulful, and guaranteed to lift someone’s spirit. Ok, maybe not in the lab but, you do get my point. Keep on singing! Keep on smiling!