A Tree For All Seasons

Of exquisite changing colors
Of gracefully falling leaves
I am a tree, I stand tall
Beautiful shades of orange, yellow, and brown
Dancing in the wind, soaked by the rain
Caressed by the sun, kissed by the moon

Of statuesque white form
Of lustrous crystals
I am a tree, deeply rooted in the ground
Bare trunks and scaly barks, covered in pure white snow
Bursts of white powder, as the wind gently blows
Dripping glassy water, as the sun melts it all away

Of tender sprouts
Of rich, glorious greenery
I am a tree, fully clothed with leaves
Adorned with beautiful flowers, and sumptuous fruits
Diamond droplets from the morning dew
Rain drops moistening the ground all around me

Of chirping sounds
Of fluttering wings
I am a tree, standing gorgeously in the summer sun
Giving shelter, nectar, and playground to my friends
Different birds, butterflies, and squirrels
Shielding man from heat and rain