It Happens, Even To The Best Of Us

Heart skips and begins to feel heavy. Chest tightens and breathing becomes shallow. Deep breaths. Tightened chest lightens, but there's a gnawing sensation. What is it? Wait. Be still. Wait some more - nothing. Then the questions. So many scenarios, but none makes sense. Another deep breath. Still, nothing.

Minutes turn into hours. The gnawing gets stronger. More stillness and then, boom! Insight! Fear and anxiety. How? What? It still doesn't make sense. Minor relief - the problem's identified. Now what? The answer is within - speak to it. Done! The heaviness and tightness become a distant memory. Fear and anxiety fade away like a mist. They don't belong here.

Another flash of insight - it is natural so, why not? Acceptance - it is what it is. Change - one of life's inevitable events. Growth - one of life's unequivocal requirements. It's happened before. "Why is it different this time?" That just didn't pop up! Shakes head in disbelief. 

A shift has occurred. Surrender. It feels really good. A few days later, a television segment - missed because sleep took over but miraculously seen on the internet - has more helpful tidbits. Not quite similar and not to the same degree. Yet, it's all relative. 

"It's not really fear, it's just much more of anticipation of the unkown...could be food poisoning...It's a level of anxiety..." ~ Steven Spielberg (CBS News "60 Minutes")

"There's no better way [of handling fear] than writing about it and infecting everyone else with it. Although I can tell you it doesn't get it off your chest, it comes right back again like it belongs to you. I OWN my fear." ~ Spielberg (CBS News "60 Minutes")

Thank you Mr. Spielberg!