In Memoriam: Of Love, Beauty, And Grace

I was reminded of the days following my grandma's death. It's been over seven years and only seems like yesterday. Even at her age, it was unexpected because she was full of life and healthy until her death. I've had her on my mind for the past twenty-four hours but with her spirit ever so present, I only have memories of her life, who she was, and what she represented while on this earth. In the words of William Shakespeare: "Praising what is lost makes the remembrance dear." 
There's a lot I can say about her, would say eventually, but for now - imagine that you are meeting her for the first time:
An enormous light, brilliantly shines in front of you
Without batting an eye, ever receptive
You know she sees you, she already knows you
~ A human being. God's own child
An endless love, effortlessly giving and inviting
Eyes twinkling in quiet amusement
At the look in your eyes as you marvel
At such beauty and grandeur, tempered with humility and grace
Engulfing you in her warm embrace
Assuring you that nothing or no one can touch you
And in her tapestry, you know you're safe and secure
Then you smile at her, and realize that you are home
She was home ~ my Gladdie Harbor, my Grandma