The Science of God In Us

Yesterday’s Super Soul Sunday featured Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon whose brain ceased to function while he was in a coma due to bacterial meningitis. While he was in this state, he had an extraordinary experience which he wrote about in a book, “Proof of Heaven” or POH as I would like to use in this post. I’ve heard stories like his before and was interested in seeing the similarities or maybe something slightly different from the ones I’ve heard. He talked about the omnipotence and omniscience nature of God and how we all (humans) are of God. He also said that God is genderless but full of Light and Love, therefore, so are we.
As the interview went on, it struck me that there is a connectedness to Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight” or MSI for the purpose of this post. Sounds like a sci-fi plot but, I’ll go with sci-real plot here. Dr. Taylor was also in a coma after suffering a stroke due to brain hemorrhage and during her recovery, experienced the true nature of man. Dr. Taylor observed that humans are “energy beings connected to one another through the consciousness of our right (brain) hemispheres as one human family.”
Therefore, POH + MSI = GIU (God In Us). This I believe because the book of Genesis said that God created us in His own “image, after His likeness” (Gen. 1:26.)  Therefore if we are the image of God, then we are of Him to the core. And by extension, GIU = [MIY (Me In You) * YIM (You In Me)]. I’ll let the Big Bang Theorists solve this equation. Better yet, I would love the solution where Dr. Alexander and Dr. Taylor are featured in the same episode of SSS. 
            Additionally, Abraham Lincoln when explaining the law of mechanics to two young lads in the latest Spielberg movie, "Lincoln" said, "Two things that are equal to the same thing are also equal to each other." He also applied it to life's philosophy. Therefore, MIY = YIM. It goes on and on but, it all boils down to this: We are ONE!
What struck me most was that both doctors are in the same profession and since we are talking about “sameness” here, is God calling us all back to Himself and also calling us to open our eyes to our oneness? Considering every crazy thing that’s going on in the world, I would say yes. Imagine what we would free ourselves from – hatred, disunity, wars, etc. Imagine what we would gain – Peace!
Anyway, if you missed it yesterday, here’s the link to the full length episode on the web. There were other great lessons from Dr. Alexander which you can only learn by watching it. So, go ahead! Click and enjoy!