To The Little Angels of Sandy Hook: I Am Sorry

It was a day like any other, yet, beautiful
There was joy and excitement in the air
'The holiday is almost here!'
Soon, there will be no more school, albeit two weeks
And you were eager to share with your friends
Stories of Christmas plans and expectations
Of gifts that mum doesn't know you've seen
Carefully wrapped and hidden in the closet
Of vacation trips to see your grandparents
And all the gifts they'll give, and memories you'll make
It was Friday, last day of school for the week
There were many things to look forward to
So, it was a good day to be in school

Little did you know that your lives were about to change
Little did you know that there was horror headed your way
That you will know terror and fear unlike any
That some of your siblings, friends, and teachers
Will forever leave, never to return again
That your holiday will no longer be the same
That your young and innocent hearts
Filled with pure joy, love, and excitement
Will be broken, and caused to question
The events of this once glorious day

I am sorry for what you had to go through
I am sorry that for all your parents and teachers
Do each day, and on this very day
Was not enough to protect you
I am sorry that you were forced to face
The barrel of a gun, and watch your friends die
I am sorry that it will take time to right this wrong
Because, again, it will be mired in civil rights and politics
I am sorry that the sadness and pain will linger
And sometimes feel like it will suffocate you
But most of all, I am sorry that the world
Will never get to know and experience
The magnificent gifts that you possessed
The sheer joy of having you in this world of ours
Now gone, never to be felt, or seen

Be At Peace, Lovely Angels!