The Week That Was

Monday night: Calm and relaxed, mind free and clear
Then a wave of strange scent ~ fresh soil
Strange. It gets stronger and hovers above
Weird. A little spray of air-freshener removes it
Hmmm! Wherever did that come from
Gone and forgotten

Tuesday night: At exactly the same time, position, and disposition
Return of the fresh soil scent, this time mixed with mulch
What is it? Mental note to report to building management
Spray air-freshener again and it's gone
And almost certain there was a vision of it leaving
And there was sadness. Why?

Wednesday~All day: Heaviness of heart, attributed to things immediate
Cheer up ~ it's not a tragedy. Or is it?

Wednesday, midnight: Missed a call from home, return call
And then the news ~ accident, death, all in one breath
Wait, what? Who? It's a lie!
End phone conversation. Sleepless night
All God's children should be asleep at this hour
Therefore, news cannot be verified. Tears

Thursday morning: Call my aunt ~ news verified
Tragedy ~ accident, death, of one so kind, gentle, and caring
Flashbacks, confusion, what to think, what to make of it
Tears won't stop flowing. Could it have been any different?

Friday evening: Email of home-going memorial service invitation
Now it's all too real. Call someone
When grown men cry! Call home again
Grown men do cry. Nothing prepares you for this
What a week it was. What a week it's going to be
May the gentle soul of the departed, rest in perfect peace