Frozen? Let It Go And Just Be

I accidentally found this music video titled "Let It Go," yesterday on YouTube. It is one of the soundtracks of the animated movie, "Frozen." This video is the "Africanized" version performed by Lexi Walker, featuring Alex Boye and the One Voice Children's Choir.

It may be the location and the costumes worn by the children, then add to it their voices which sounds so pure, sweet, innocent, joyous…oh, I could go on and on!

But, everything about it is heavenly! Ice age? Everything’s frozen – time and space if you will. Yet, we are who we are and you see that there is joy in being, just being – who we are individually and collectively: Children of God, born of peace and love, dwelling in light and grace.

Just, throw your hands in the air, lift your voice to the heavens, and simply “Let It Go! ” Enjoy the music below.